Matchmaking Process


Making the Right Match

LCHS believes in an adoption approach that considers important details for finding the right fit, such as a person's home, interests and lifestyle. We then match those with an animal's social, exercise and training needs.

Because our animals live with foster parents who volunteer their time and whose lives are full of work, family and school, our adoption process can take anywhere from a day to upwards of a week.

We hope you will agree that while our process can take a bit longer than others, the investment is worthwhile when it allows you to talk with a person who has lived with, cared for and loved the animal you are considering adopting, allowing you to make an informed decision — and make a lasting match!

Each situation, adopter and animal requires a different approach. And while we reserve the right to refuse an adoption, we always make every effort to work with you to address concerns or find the most appropriate companion animal.


Adopting a companion animal from LCHS involves a few steps:

  1. View our adoptable animals, and select the pet(s) you are interested in adopting. You may also want to read about our adoption fees, and what's included in the adoption package. You can also visit some of our animals at adoption booths.
  2. Fill out an adoption questionnaire so we can get to know you!
  3. Upon submission of your Adoption Questionnaire, the animal's foster parent will receive it and contact you within a week to answer any questions you may have, talk to you about what you are looking for in a pet, and arrange for you to meet the animal. (Some foster parents prefer to be contacted directly. If that is the case, the pet's profile will display their contact information.)
  4. If both you and the foster parent feel that it is a good match, make an appointment to do the adoption paperwork at our office.
  5. Enjoy your new furry companion!

Please Note: In general, LCHS does not adopt pets to persons living outside our service area.


You can also submit an Adoption Questionnaire via mail or in person.

Simply Download the Word Document version of the Adoption Questionnaire and mail it to:

Leon County Humane Society
413 Timberlane Road
Tallahassee, FL, 32312

And of course, you can always bring the form into our office in person.