New Catio Enriches the Lives of LCHS Foster Cats



We're not sure who's more excited about our new Catio - the cats or the staff and volunteers! 

The new enclosure effectively doubles the living space for adoptable kitties spending time at our office, plus it provides safe access to the outdoors. Fresh air, sunshine and endless entertainment help keep our feline charges healthy both mentally and physically. And healthy kitties are adoptable kitties! Check out this video of the cats experiencing the Catio for the first time.

We're especially excited because Cats On Deck was able to provide access to the spacious enclosure for the foster cats residing in our downstairs Kitty Habitat. Where before they had only one small window, they now have an entire outdoor room! Catio photo gallery »

This new addition to the LCHS office is the ultimate enrichment for our adoptable cats. We anticipate that the Catio with greatly help to reduce illness and boredom in our cat population, leading to more adoptions and more lives saved.

Thank you so much to the talented folks at Cats On Deck, who designed and installed this custom enclosure. If you're looking for a way to safely enhance your own cat's environment, we highly recommend giving them a call.

We also want to especially thank our anonymous donor for making this wonderful improvement possible.

Incorporated in 2009, Cats on Deck is a modular pet enclosure system for both indoor and outdoor use. Custom and prefabricated kits enable pet owners to provide a safe outdoor environment for their cats and small dogs. For more information go to


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Catio, Hi Rachel

Hats off to anonymous donor for helping the cats get some much needed outdoor fresh air and space! Wow so excited to see Princess and all enjoy the new found space! Miss you all, love Sharon


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