The Cutest Event in Town Also Helps Save Lives - 2nd Annual Bottle Baby Shower Recap + Photos



Thank you Tallahassee! Another successful Bottle Baby Shower is behind us and we are so grateful for your generosity and enthusiasm for our babies.

Animal lovers in Tallahassee displayed their affection for infant animals through a huge display of generosity at the 2nd annual LCHS Bottle Baby Shower. We owe a big thanks to the Leon Capital Group for allowing LCHS to utilize a nicely sized space at Market Square accommodating the large number of attendees who last year wrapped out our building and down Timberlane Rd. Attendees were able to cuddle litters of kittens at different stages of the weaning process, along with adorable puppies who are ready to find permanent homes.

Potential fosters learned the ins and outs of becoming a lifesaving foster parent. One puppy was adopted at the event while several Facebook messages were submitted this weekend by attendees who fell in love with kittens they met and now hope to adopt. To top it all off, over $650 in monetary donations was raised along with donations of kitten food, infant formula, bottles, toys, bedding, heating pads, and kitty litter that should last LCHS through this kitten and puppy season. Once again, Tallahassee has amazed us with your generosity, we appreciate you!

Did You Know? The Kitten Milk Replacer donated during last year's Bottle Baby Shower lasted us until this shower. That's an entire year of bottle babies fed from your gifts!

Check out the adorable photos by Sam Sachs »


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