Tally Cat Cafe Now Open & Featuring LCHS Adoptable Cats!



We're so FUR-EAKING EXCITED! Tally Cat Cafe has their soft (and furry!) opening TODAY, Monday, May 21st - one year to the day since their announcement last year!

The Cafe is stocked with Lucky Goat Coffee and LCHS adoptable cats, who are all settled in and SO ready for human visitors (seriously, we've been mobbed a couple times going into the cat room).

So, how does it work? At Tally Cat Cafe, their front end is the café, designed to serve coffee and other drinks and treats. No cats will ever enter this area for safety and health reasons, however they do have a large viewing glass with a bar you may sit at to view cats in the cat lounge. The cat lounge houses adoptable cats from Leon County Humane Society in which you can bring your beverages and treats to hang out with cats for just $7 for an entire hour! It's highly recommend you reserve a spot in the lounge before coming in to ensure your spot!

We're confident that this adorable and welcoming new adoption venue will be a huge boon to our foster cats, and we're looking forward to saving even more lives through this pawtnership! 

Check out their websiteFacebook and Instagram for kitty updates and more info!


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