LCHS Top Singles Success!



Thank you to Shannon Colavecchio, our 2018 Tallahassee Top Single for all of her hard work!

Over the past 3 months, the 2018 Tallahassee Top Singles have been fundraising for organizations all over the community. At the Hot Summer White Party, it was announced that the Singles raised over $123,000!

Shannon has worked nonstop to raise $6,198 for LCHS. Shannon not only raised necessary funding for the animals in our care, she also brought awareness to our cause, and she had an incredibly entertaining performance at the Top Singles event in front of a roaring crowd!

From bartending to cycling to everything in between, Shannon did it all. But her generosity didn’t end when the party started. Shannon finished the night by walking down the runway with 8 week old terrier mix Sam. On the White Hot Summer stage, Shannon was able to find Sam a loving home.

Thank you to the individuals and local businesses who've supported Shannon's campaign and a HUGE thanks to Shannon for being an awesome advocate and rescue mom to Sir Burpee and Lady Bear!


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