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Throughout our experience in rescue work, several LCHS staff members have had the privilege of working with some very lucky greyhounds.

At one point in their lives, these dogs were just a number, but they were afforded the opportunity to escape their days on the track and transition to a different way of life. Once transferred into rescue, the greyhounds we had the honor of working with would start their transformations. They began as nervous, highly-strung "robots" trained for one purpose, but eventually came to know what it was to just be a dog.

All of the dogs' bodies underwent a noticeable transformation. Their digestive systems took weeks to adjust to their new, higher-quality diet.  When they first arrived in rescue, the dogs exhibited sores and and hairloss on their legs and bellies from spending a majority of their of their time in a small, wire kennel. One dog's entire body was covered in ticks from his ears to his toes, where they had borrowed deep between the pads.

Two greyhounds rescued from the track went on to continue their rehabilitation as part of a prison adoption program. These dogs lived and learned alongside other rescue dogs and inmates in the prison. One of these two greyhounds was identified as the "peacemaker" of its class. If the other dogs in the program became too rowdy while playing, this dog would position itself in between the others, allowing its calm energy to settle the pack.

Greyhounds are no different than those dogs that share our hearts and our homes. There are many reasons why voters on both side sides of the aisle are choosing to vote YES on Amendment 13. Our reason comes down to one thing - the dogs. From the long hours spent in small cages, to the frequent injuries sustained on the track, these resilient dogs deserve better than to live as puppets in a dying industry. With 40 states having already banned dog racing, Florida is now home to 11 of the 17 tracks nationwide.

I urge you join LCHS and help Florida bring an end to the cruel and outdated practice of dog racing in our great state by voting YES on Amendment 13!

Thank you,

Lisa Glunt
Executive Director


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