Ongoing Hurricane Michael Relief Efforts



Since LCHS re-opened after Hurricane Michael, we have been working nonstop to help the animals and people affected by the storm in the panhandle.

Many shelters and rescues were able to relocate animals before the storm made landfall. LCHS has been taking in animals who no longer have a shelter and those surrendered by their owners following the storm. In the past week, we have taken in 67 animals from Bay County, Jackson County, and Gadsden County.

“For most of us, the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael is almost unimaginable. While Tallahassee began to rebound within days, our neighbors in the Florida panhandle and south Georgia will be feeling the effects of this massive storm for weeks to months. It's easy to say "I'd never give up my pet", but when faced with the loss of their home and all of their belongings, this becomes a reality for many storm survivors, even after riding out the storm with their pets. Through donations of pet food to those in need and the transfer of animals from the hardest hit areas, LCHS will continue to lend a hand where we're able.” - Lisa Glunt, Executive Director

We have distributed several loads of supplies to Wakulla, Franklin, Liberty, Gadsden, Calhoun, Jackson, Washington, Bay, and Gulf counties. We've been communicating with other organizations to avoid missing areas in need of pet food and supplies.

With your help, we will continue to provide support to these counties until we are no longer needed.

These efforts would not be possible without the generosity of others. Just this past weekend, we received a huge load of pet food and supplies from the Cape Coral Animal Shelter, and another truck bed filled with supplies in honor of the Florida State University Softball Team.

LCHS has become a main staging organization for pet supplies and relief to the affected areas. We will continue accepting pet food donations for distribution for several more weeks. You can also donate to help with the cost of caring for the dozens of Hurricane Michael rescues entering our care.

Thank you to everyone who's already given to this relief effort. Your help is going a long way!

Interested in adopting a Hurricane Michael rescue?

New animals coming into LCHS means more animals looking for their forever home. View all of the currently adoptable hurricane rescues in our care »


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